Our team of Certified Practicing Valuers all comply with stringent education requirements and on-going training to achieve and remain licenced in our field.

Education includes:

·        Requirement to complete a specific property valuation based        university degree

·        Carry out two years on the job training before licence application

·        Pass a series of exams and report critiques as part of the licensing application process

Upon completion of the above, valuers in Western Australia can then become licenced as Certified Practicing Valuers (CPV).

Apart from holding their licence, each of our valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute. This is our industry body that helps to educate and regulate the members of our profession.

To remain licenced and a member of the API, each of our CPV’s must complete a substantial quota of Continuous Professional Development training every year. This keeps our staff up to date on all of the latest methodology and information to provide an accurate and efficient service for you, our client.


Managing Director Glenn Cooper

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